A Day of Prayer & Fasting

Moderator Calls for a Day of Prayer & Fasting

As we learned last week, Andrew Brunson, former ARP minister and missionary to Turkey (presently a member of the EPC) and son of Ron and Pam Brunson, who has been unjustly imprisoned, has been indicted. His court date is April 16 at 9 a.m. Turkish time and 2 a.m. EST. No evidence has been put forth to substantiate any of the accusations against Pastor Brunson.

Therefore, following the example of our own Mississippi Valley Presbytery, as Moderator of General Synod, I call for a day of prayer and fasting, on Saturday, April 7, in advance of Andrew’s court date.

Please consider taking a portion or the whole day to fast and pray as able. Pray that Andrew’s attorney will be allowed to access files that have been sealed to this point and review the evidence in order to prepare a proper and effective defense. Pray that our own national leaders including incoming Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, and the President, will engage effectively with the Turkish government to secure Andrew’s release and safe return home. Petition unto the Lord on behalf of Andrew that his faith would remain strong and that the comfort of the Scriptures and Holy Spirit would sustain him, on behalf of his family bidding their anxious fears be stilled, on behalf of Andrew’s captors that their hearts be changed, and on behalf of his fellow prisoners and others that the light of the Gospel would penetrate their souls and that they be brought to a saving faith in Jesus Christ.

As you make these petitions, remember all of our brothers and sisters throughout the world who suffer under the hand of oppressors and enemies of the Gospel. Pray that the Lord would hear our cries, that the schemes of the evil one will be thwarted, and that the cross of Christ would be lifted high through faithful Christian witness. Pray that this persecution would give courage and boldness to other workers in the Muslim world. Pray to the end that one day it will be certain that, the kingdom of the world has become the kingdom of our Lord and of his Christ, and he shall reign forever and ever.

Let us set apart April 7 as a day to unite our voices again on behalf of Andrew Brunson and let us not despise the day of small things!

Lee Shelnutt, ARPC Moderator



Prayer Requests

Stephen Jordan

Please pray for Reverend Stephen Jordan. He has injured the muscles in his lower back. The pain has been unbearable. He can barely walk, sleep, or get comfortable. He has not been able to pastor and it has been over a week. He has seen a doctor twice, an orthopedic and a chiropractor. His spine is fine so it is muscular. Rev. Jordan says, “Thank you for your love and support. I don’t know when this trial will end. This has been the most pain I have ever experienced, but I am leaning on Christ more and more every day.”

Lee Shelnutt

“Dear ARP family, I want to thank you all for your well wishes, messages, prayers, and love. As many of you know, I had a follow-up surgery this past Friday to deal with kidney stone issues. I am grateful to report that the surgery went wonderfully well. There wasn’t significant scar tissue and the doctor was able to remove two stones. I still have one in a kidney, but that wasn’t the main concern this go round. I’m well on the road to what the doctor says will be a quick recovery and possibly treatment to help me produce less in the future. I am blessed to have you all as dear family and friends. No matter what the outcome may have been, God was and would have been gracious to me and worthy of all thanks and praise. SDG!”


ARP News

Committee on Nominations

Urgent Request!

Recommendations are needed for the Committee on Nominations to complete their work.

The Committee on Nominations asks that you prayerfully consider those who might serve our denomination, specifically for the following boards and committees:

Ecclesiastical Commission on Judiciary Affairs
Inter-Church Relations
Synod Reading Clerk
Synod Assistant Clerk

If you know of someone who is qualified and willing to serve in any of these areas, please forward a recommendation form to Cindy Scott. You can find details on requirements for each board and committee plus the necessary forms here.(http://arpchurch.org/nominations/)

Email it to Cindy Scott (cscott@arpsynod.org) immediately.

 The deadline to submit recommendations is April 1.

Thank you for prayerfully considering those who might serve our denomination.


ARP News

March/April 2018 ARP Magazine

Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 11.48.59 AM

Here is the newest ARP Magazine issue.

Be sure to read the cover story on page 22. The Moderator’s Challenge begins on page 4 followed by Rev. Mark Ross’ Synod Emphasis article. There are lots of exciting news bits from each agency such as The Lodge at Bonclarken has been paid in full, the Julia Hardeman Rhodes Award winner is announced and Erskine Seminary has a new John R. & Jane E. de Witt Library.

Don’t miss any issue. Contact our office if you would like to receive a complimentary print copy or to subscribe!



World Focus 2018

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Billy Graham

As you know by now, Reverend Billy Graham passed away February 21. What you may not know is that he grew up in the Chalmers Memorial Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church in Charlotte, NC. While that church has closed, the building still stands. There have been several articles mentioning his childhood in the ARP Church. Chip Sherer, President of Bonclarken, shared a short video of an interview with Billy Graham when he mentions visiting Bonclarken. Reading stories about Billy Graham and the testimonies from those attending his Crusades is a great reminder of the Moderator’s Synod theme from Zechariah 4:10 “Don’t despise the day of small things.”


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Prayer Request

Please pray for Retired Minister David Warf in the sudden death of his son ,28, yesterday, February 26. Reverend Warf is the supply pastor of New Lebanon ARP Church in Sinks Grove, WV. Please pray for Rev. Warf, his wife Harriet, and their family during this time.

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Prayers for the Moderator

Moderator Lee Shelnutt went in for lithotripsy on Wednesday. He had to go to the ER on Thursday morning due to complications before and after lithotripsy. That led to an outpatient surgery to remove a previously lodged kidney stone, the residual from lithotripsy, and insert a catheter. After a couple of weeks for healing, he will have a follow up surgery.